World Wellness Weekend
Presents the Chiropractic
Watch this 7 minute video to find out about this amazing event & how you can be a host in your community!
 Implementation Package retails for $3,500, 
but sign up TODAY to get yours  for FREE!  
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FREE Pre Event Workshops
Race Planning Package
Post Event Follow Up Package
Join with State Associations, Chiropractic Colleges 
& Our Professions Leaders & Influencers, to Make a Difference! 
Get Your FREE Planning & Implementation Package, Become Linked Up with a Global Chiropractic Movement & Community... 
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 Implementation Package retails for $3,500, 
but sign up TODAY to get yours  for FREE!  
Why You Need To Become a Part of this Amazing Event:
Establish yourself as the "Go-To" Health Authority in your Community!
Now is the time to LEAD your community in this amazing community day & gain new levels of respect and credibility.  Simply follow the planning guide and look forward to seeing smiling faces. 
More New Patients - Expand Your Reach! 
Reach a segment of the population already interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Picture families coming out to participate in the kids fun run, the walk/run, and the 5K... moms with jogging strollers, dads, entire families, grandparents, singles, parents, kids of all ages and abilities, participating together in an event for Children's Health & Wellness, ALL celebrating the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle!
Global Impact
Together we will elevate the Reach of Chiropractic. Now is the time to get our chiropractic message out to thousands of communities around the world! 
But this Change all Starts with You!
 Implementation Package retails for $3,500, 
but sign up TODAY to get yours  for FREE!  
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